Thorough training — Your ticket to success in Powered Paragliding

Thorough training is exceedingly important in order for you to build a strong foundation for safe, successful and fun operation of a powered paraglider. While there is legally no instruction requirement to fly an ultralight aircraft such as a paramotor, it is extremely unwise to self-train for a number of reasons.

Our paramotor course is one of the most comprehensive in the United States, with 7 to 10-day intensive classes held in Northern, Central and Southern California 4-5 times a year. These full-immersion courses promote success by keeping your newly-learned skills fresh in your mind, instead of taking 4-5 day breaks between weekend training sessions.

Paramotor Course Summary

Our paramotor training curriculum is designed to give you the necessary skills to fly safely and respectfully, and to have fun while doing so! The $2500 course fee covers lodging, class materials and all necessary training equipment (paramotors, wings, harnesses etc.) Classes are limited to 6 people/3 students per instructor, and past students in good standing with our school have access to a lifetime of continued training with us!

Each 7 to 10 day Paramotor course covers the following:

  • Ground School
  • Weather Theory
  • Basic Engine Maintenance
  • Master Glider Control
  • Free Flight Experience (location/conditions permitting)
  • Tandem Flights (conditions permitting)
  • Initial Solo Flights

Students will be given the chance to earn USPPA ratings.

Our next California paramotor training clinic is tentatively planned for the first quarter of 2017. Contact us to get on the list to receive updates when dates and location are finalized!